It's finally online our shop with a list of the aquatic animals we've reared at My Rivendell Aquaponics Farm this year, according to the current availability. It'll be updated with new fish and crayfish we're going to put on sale, either adults and juveniles belonging to the offspring resulting f...

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Workshop on Koi carps & Fancy Goldfish in Aquaponics

24-mag-2019 – 26-mag-2019

Don't miss the opportunity to turn your passion into a successful business!

- 18 DAYS to the next 1-WEEKEND WORKSHOP ON KOI CARPS & FANCY GOLDFISH IN AQUAPONICS, we'll run at My Rivendell Aquaponics Farm, in the unique and breathtaking location of the Argentario (Tuscany - Italy).


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The first question an aquaponist should ask himself/herself is:
"What am I going to produce in my aquaponic systems?". Either in terms of fish/ crayfish and crops.

This is a matter to think carefully about while you're designing your Aquaponics farm and you're writing up a business plan. Since...

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My Rivendell Aquaponics Farm was implemented by me and my family with the specific goal of promoting the opportunities opened up by Aquaponics in terms of entrepreneurship. This is the main reason why most of the times my clients and attendees ask me about the economic, long-term sustainability o...

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Thanks to all of you who constantly follow us and My Rivendell Aquaponics Farm's activity! I have lots of news to share with you all, but I have little time to post them, because of the great deal of work we're busy with in these weeks.

In fact, higher temperatures mean fruit and plant collectio...

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After 10 months of hard work, finally we can look after the reproduction of our Fancy Goldfish, Guppies, Neocaridina shrimps and Yabbies. (Unlike the Koi carps that didn't have reached their peak of se*ual maturity, yet. And the Sharptooth catfish that will mate in June). Actually we've already g...

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Last week, we published the newest article by My Rivendell Aquaponics Farm's Scientific Director Davide Di Crescenzo for the column "A researcher's logbook" addressed to the Italian aquaponists.

This time, the topic talked through concerns the breeding of Fancy Goldfish varieties in Aquaponics a...

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Workshop on Koi carp & Fancy Goldfish in Aquaponics

24-mag-2019 – 26-mag-2019

In this 19-hour vocational training course at My Rivendell Aquaponics Farm, we'll focus on the breeding of high-value niche-market Koi carps & Fancy Goldfish in Aquaponics.

As a matter of fact, the production of these fish species will satisfy a market demand that values the quality of each sp...

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CONSIDERATIONS ON THE START-UP OF AN AQUAPONICS BUSINESS - This is the title of the new article wrote by the Aquaponics expert Davide Di Crescenzo for his column "A Researcher's logbook" ( "Diario di un ricercatore") addressed to the Italian aquaponists. This time, he tackles the issue of the ste...

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Aquaponics training center

  • Guided tour to our Aquaponics farm + 1-hour consultancy

    99,00 €
    The Italian Aquaponics expert and marine biologist Davide Di Crescenzo will guide you inside our Aquaponics greenhouses for the first hour and he'll introduce you to the trials we carry out to unleash the potential of Aquaponics. Then in the next hour you'll have the opportunity to discuss your project or idea together. He'll give you some feedback and tips on the steps to immediately take in order to attain it, according to his 9-year experience in this field.
  • 1-Week Workshop at our Aquaponics farm

    1.599,00 €
    A full-immersion training course just for you to put into practice the principles of Aquaponics inside our Aquaponics greenhouses, implemented on the Argentario's Promontory (Tuscany -Italy). During our workshops you'll learn how to design and build productive aquaponics systems. Furthermore, you'll learn how to daily manage them throughout the year and how to tackle the most common issues that every aquaponist has to deal with. Most noteworthy, we'll introduce you into our ever-growing, international fellowship of budding aquaponists and pioneers.
  • 1-Weekend Themed Workshop

    499,00 €
    During our Themed Workshops we'll show you the results, in terms of production capacity and manpower required, of the Aquaponics farming of high-priced plants and fish/crayfish addressed to wealthy niche markets. As well as some of the less known forms of Aquaponics, such as Yabbyponics and Shrimpponics. Every cycle of workshops of this kind will be devoted to a peculiar niche market product farmed in our Aquaponics greenhouses.
  • Guided tour to our Aquaponics farm

    19,00 €
    For special seasonal events in our Aquaponics farm- like the flourishing of some flower varieties and the mating stage of the Goldfish, Yabby - we organize 1-hour guided tours inside our Aquaponics farm and to some of our organic fields.


6 months ago
(Translated by Google) We met the owners at Acquafarm and immediately we understood with my husband that we had two great workers ahead of us .. After a year we confirm the thesis and add that they are very well prepared people and with a company open to the future. ... 🌱 (Original) Abbiamo conosciuto i proprietari ad Acquafarm e da subito abbiamo capito con mio marito che avevamo davanti due grandi lavoratori..A distanza di un anno confermiamo la tesi e aggiungiamo che sono persone preparatissime e con un'azienda aperta al futuro. ...🌱
- rosaria s
5 months ago
(Translated by Google) More than extraordinary! (Original) Più che straordinario!
- Alessandro S

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